Monday 2 June 2014

Getting my blog mojo back...

So... Lately I've lost my blog mojo! The only blogging that I've done lately has been for uni, and whilst it's been an interesting exploration, I've hardly felt the kind of momentum to keep me blogging.

I'm not entirely sure why... So in the spirit of lazy and uninspired blogging, here is a list of ten reason why I don't blog at the moment...

1. Can't be bothered.
2. Even if I could be bothered, I don't really have the time.
3. Even if I felt the inclination and had the time spare, I'm not sure that anybody would read it!
4. Even if people read it, I'm not entirely sure that I have anything important to say that really matters.
5. If I had something important to say, it would possibly be an exercise in frustrated ranting, and nobody likes a debbie downer.
6. Such opinion breeds contempt on both sides, and I'm not one for fighting on the internets.
7. Blogging and naval-gazing is no substitute for actions. It's a well-known fact that the more somebody blogs, the less they do.
8. Besides, library blogging is so passé, right? Does anybody do it anymore?
9. It's all been said before. Many times.
10. Nothing is new, right?

Well, it's BlogJune, and I'm going to set out to prove myself wrong on all of the above points! Hopefully the peer pressure of my fellow librarians out there will help keep me motivated, and we can have some interesting conversations...

Wish me luck!

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