Tuesday 20 March 2018

Happiness is...

So, this month's GLAM Blog Club theme is "happiness", and today is the International Day of Happiness, so it seems like the right day to be writing this post.

So, this may seem like a blasphemous thing for a 21st century librarian to say (up there with "Librarians don't necessarily need to learn how to code"), but I'm going to say it anyway.

You know what I love most about being a librarian? More than helping people? More than working in a creative and cultural sector? More than connecting people with online content? More than working with passionate, intelligent and general colleagues? More than taking on a really interesting reference enquiry that takes you on a journey of research and discovery?

The books.

I mean, I love all those other things. But mostly books.

Books make me happy. Always have. Always will.

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(Especially when I win free books on social media, and they arrive on the same day.)

And no, it's not about the smell. Get your nose out of it, you pervert.

That is all.

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