Saturday 15 June 2024

Not-quite-spring cleaning

So, yesterday's little episode was a reminder to myself that I need to do this intermittent task commonly known as decluttering.

I have this little habit which is my own version of hoarding, also known as holding onto things 'just in case'. Clothes I haven't worn in ten years, 'just in case' I lose four inches off my waist. Books I haven't read 'just in case' I want to read them again. A box of electrical cords 'just in case' I need them to connect one thing to another. And so many USB drives, 'just in case' I need to use them to copy files and transfer them to another device the old fashioned way.

I also have various musical instruments, 'just in case' I find the time to learn to play them!

So, we're still two and a half months away from spring, but I thought I'd get started. I've already filled a box of books - in great condition, but not my favourites and will probably never read again - to donate to Lifeline for their book sale. Various clothes are now packed away in a bag, until I have enough to fill a box to send to Upparel for up cycling. And lots of recyclable paper / cardboard that has moved from my room to the recycling bin outside.

To be continued...

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