Friday 27 March 2015

On achievement...

The last post was definitely a bit of a downer, so before people start telling me that I'm being too harsh on myself, I should also add that just because I failed doesn't mean that I haven't had a sense of achievement. In the past eight months, I have:

- Learnt to read and hold basic conversations in Vietnamese.
- Confidently navigated the Hanoi traffic by pushbike on a daily basis.
- Learnt heaps about ethnic minorities in Vietnam and the many challenges that they face.
- Edited a whole bunch of English language documents.
- Designed and organised content for a newsletter and brochures, along with templates.
- Delivered a bunch of training and wrote accompanying notes and manuals.
- Improved the way that my organisation manages its knowledge and information, and facilitated public access to its data repository via the website.
- Travelled quite a bit.
- Made a lot of new friends.

Most importantly, I've managed to line up a new role which is a step up from where I am now, which is something. I'll be starting in about four weeks, but more about that later. Onward and upward...

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