Sunday 18 June 2023

Production week

I recently told somebody that I was involved in a community theatre show that was opening soon, and he asked how much time that took up. I mentioned the three-times-a-week rehearsal commitment, although not everybody was needed for every rehearsal.

But then there is production week. It starts with bump-in, usually on the Sunday, where the set is constructed, lighting is rigged, and cast settle into the dressing rooms with all of their costumes and supplies for the week.

Then we start a series of tech and dress runs. Every night, starting Monday, we arrive at the theatre after work, and stay there until everything that needed to be done that evening is done - sometimes as late as 11pm.

Then the show opens on Friday night. Saturday we do two shows - a matinee and evening show. Sunday we just have a matinee, and take the evening off, along with Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday we start all over again.

By this time next week, I will have done a full run of the show eight times, on top of full-time work.

I don't expect I'll be blogging much until then.

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