Sunday 6 June 2021

Blogjune Day 4 - June 2019

 Flashforward a year to June 2019.  A lot had changed...

  • The month began with a mushroom-foraging adventure in a local pine plantations, using newfound foraging skills learnt at a workshop the previous week... 
Spotting the easily identifiable, and edible, saffron milk-cap mushroom.
  • I was working for the same organisation, but in a very different role, and presented a webinar all about the Australian Web Archive
  • The Broadway Cast Recording of Beetlejuice the Musical came out, and became my new musical obsession
  • I went to Sydney to see the Vivid festival for the first, and so far only time.
  • I bought tickets to travel to Athens for IFLA 2019 conference, along with a backpacking adventure around Romania.
  • I was five months into a new relationship, which had quickly turned into a long-ish distance relationship, but worked surprisingly well. I developed a newfound fondness for the village life in the Southern Highlands every other weekend.
After what had felt like a challenging year in 2018, I was finally settling into something that felt like a comfortable pattern. My professional and social life was great, and I was still discovering new and wonderful things.

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