Sunday 6 June 2021

Blogjune Day 5 - June 2020

 I don't think I'd blame anybody for not participating in Blogjune in 2020. Looking back on that month:

  • More than two months into lockdown, and six months after my Dad died, I was just not in a good headspace.
  • Also four months into a new job in a new organisation, in what felt like something of a trial by fire approach to learning a new role, and overcoming imposter syndrome regarding my writing and editing skills.
  • I pretty much withdrew from most social media interaction - deleted my Twitter account, and vary rarely posted on Facebook. 
  • I took time to develop some skills in amateur photography
My attempt at being arty
  • Being in a full-time live-in relationship tested my ability to adjust and adapt to new domestic arrangements...
  • I did a lot of cooking - more than usual.
  • Finally, I committed to hiring a plot at the Canberra City Farm - a decision that brought a lot of hard work through the following months, but a good excuse to get out of the house, and develop a bit of a green thumb.
It was a horrendous month, to be honest. I was pushed to the limit, which I guess was the only way for me to learn when to step back, and find beauty and value in some of the simpler pleasures in life - an important lesson that has made the past year much more bearable in hindsight.

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  1. It’s horrible that burnout is what teaches some of us how to set healthy boundaries around work (it’s what taught me too); however for me it has at least been a lesson that doesn’t go away and allows me to keep those boundaries under great pressure now. Hope this experience is such a tool for yourself in your future also.