Sunday 15 June 2014

Dream jobs are made of these.

So, following from my previous post, if you didn't become a librarian because you "really love books", then why?

Maybe it's because:
- you like helping people learn
- you're passionate about making a contribution to the community
- you want to work to close the disadvantage gaps in society, through the democratisation of information
- you're excited about technology and want to work with innovative information tools
- you like working with youth and children
- you're obsessed with the curation, organisation and dissemination of online information, particularly using social media
- you're very particular about classifying things and putting them in order, and a library job values such an eye for detail
- you're fascinated by information seeking behaviour and the research process and want to help people with theirs.
- you want a job that doesn't involve potentially destroying anybody's lives
- actually, to be honest, it is because you really love books; everything else is just a means to being surrounded by them at work.

So with this in mind, what is your "dream job" - that is, the ultimate job that perfectly satisfies your personal and professional career objectives? Is it working as a library manager? Or could your dream job be working as a:
- school teacher
- community centre manager
- literary festival director
- communications officer
- arts administrator
- youth programs coordinator
- web designer
- education writer
- historian
- international development worker
- archivist
- social worker
- museum curator
- children's entertainer
- bookseller

Yes, libraries are awesome, but other jobs might be better suited to fulfil your potential and help you "live the dream".

So, what's your dream job?

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