Friday 13 June 2014

How to get people to read your library blog...

So, when I was writing last night's post, something caught my eye - the reader statistics for the last week. One advantage to blogging every day is that you can make some observations on which posts are getting more attention.

Anyway, I noticed that last Friday's post "When it sucks to be a librarian..." has had a substantially greater number of hits than any of my other posts! So, I've been pondering the possible reasons for this:

1. Retweets. I tweet a link to my blog every time I put up a new post. When people retweet my link, then there's more potential to reach a wider audience.

2. A provocative title. Most librarians out there would have their suckier moments in their job, so they're possibly curious about which aspect the article was addressing.

3. Political / industrial issues. Whilst self-indulgent naval-gazing, and banal details of life can make for semi-fascinating reading, it's the more hard-hitting issues that get people's attention. And the post was outlining some of the changes that the industry is currently seeing through the overhaul of professional workplaces.

4. Day of the Week. Are more people procrastinating / tweeting on a Friday afternoon / evening? Does a post on Friday have a flow-on effect onto the weekend, when they have more time to catch up on reading blogs?

5. Just lucky, I guess? It's possibly some combination of all of the above. Or maybe some other factor? What do you think?

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