Monday 8 June 2015

M is for Monday

M is for Monday. The start of a new week. M is also for momentum, of which I am currently lacking, and I need to get the ball rolling. To kick-start my brain this morning, M is also for Meme.

This meme was started by Kate, and following Fiona's tradition of the Monday Meme, I thought I'd join in:

I’m reading – Just finished "Guardian of the Dead" by Karen Healey. Loved it. Now I've just picked up "As stars fall" by Christie Nieman, who is a former work colleague. And the cover is exquisite - immediately evocative and haunting. Ever since I lived in Darwin, something has always creeped me out about curlews...

I’m watching – The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I'm loving it, actually. It's exceedingly charming, funny and silly, yet subtly smart and cleverly written, as only something written by Tina Fey could be.

I’m cooking – Not as often as I should. Vietnam broke me out of the pattern, because eating local street food was infinitely easier and cheaper (and more delicious) than cooking myself. Now that I'm living alone, I'm yet again less inclined to cook, and eating out is still cheap. To be honest, I usually only cook if I have guests and have somebody else to cook for.

I’m drinking – Sabaja Smoked Porter. This is one of the offerings of Pristina's local (and only) craft brewery. They also make a tasty IPA, but this is my favourite:

I’m thinking – about the future. What to blog next. Where I want to travel to. Where I have friends relatively nearby who I can meet up with. Where my career is going, and how to get there. And always thinking about ideas for writing. Sometimes I even write them down.

I’m taking – one step at a time. deep breathes. notes. drugs to help me sleep at night.

I’m missing – dancing. friends. having a comfortable familiar space.

I’m enjoying – the adventure of being out of my comfort zone, both professionally and geographically. There's always something new to do around the corner.

I’m planning – travel. Macedonia (and teaching swing dancing!) next weekend. Prague (with more swing dancing) the long weekend afterward. Otherwise, making lists of places to visit over the summer.

I’m listening – to recordings of Tibetan singing bowls. They also help me sleep at night.

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