Tuesday 14 June 2022

Blogjune Day 14 - the precious moments are all lost in the tide...

Today's question: What would I like to tell my 15 year old self?

I was something of a conflicted teen. I had the brains to do all of the maths, science and a bit of language, and I also had a passion for music and theatre performance. However, the pragmatic approach to my education was to do the subjects that would get me the best score - and the best options after school - which meant focusing on maths and science.

In hindsight, that was absolutely the right decision for me, and I wouldn't change any of that, but at the time... well, it felt like I was at something of a crossroads, feeling like I had to choose one over the other, and that was a source of angst for me.

So, if I could speak to my 15 year old self, I'd tell myself that there will be time to follow my passions in the future. That I should do what I need to be secure, but that there will also be wriggle-room to make adjustments, find creative outlets, and career options that allow these worlds to intersect. Sometimes it will be hard... sometimes I will feel like I've taken the safe and secure option at the expense of aligning work with my passions, and sometimes I'll have amazing experiences but with the risk of insecure or low-paid work. There will be peaks and troughs, but I'll find a careful balance along the way, and that will be enough to stay afloat whilst feeling fulfilled. It will all be worthwhile.

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