Saturday 25 June 2016

Bitten by the travel bug...

There was a time when I was never really interested in travel. After moving to Darwin back in 2006, I was in a unique position to be able to travel all over the outback, as well as be a short and relatively cheap flight away from Singapore and the rest of South-East Asia. I had a decent salary, and six weeks of annual leave. But, to be honest, I was mostly focused on my career, and didn't see the appeal of travelling; I didn't even have a passport back then. Looking back, I cringe when I think of how much I spent on trips down to Sydney and Melbourne, when I could have been visiting new and otherwise exciting places.

Now, almost ten years later, it's a different story. My work has taken me to the other side of the world, and with it, new and fascinating places. The more I travel, the more I want to travel, so much so that it's become part of who I am now. Every time I visit a new place, and pick up a map of the city, I eventually bring it home and stick it up on my wall. It's a growing reminder of how incredible my life has been this past year, and how much more there is yet to discover.

Challenge for the day - name all these locations...
It's also made me appreciate the diversity of the region I live in. It's amazing to think that I live within a couple of hours' flight from over fifty different countries. And my perpetual FOMO compels me to try to see as many of them as possible in my time here. So far, in these past 14 months, I've tallied 17 countries, so there's still plenty to go... I'm hoping to add at least five or six more in the next few months!

And finally, it's made me determined to make the most of the opportunities to also be a tourist in Australia. Whilst I've visited plenty of my home nation, there's still much that I have yet to discover!

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