Wednesday 1 June 2016

Blogjune begins... In London

So, once again, June is here, and it is time to embark of that foolish endeavour known as BlogJune, where I blog every day of the month.

Fortunately, I have recently started travelling, and so I hope I'll have interesting things to blog about. So, without further adieu:

Ten things that cross one's mind when going to London for the first time.

1. ZOMG I'M IN LONDON!!!!!!!!1!!!!111!!!

2. How do I get out of Heathrow airport?

3. Surely ten pounds on my Oyster Card will be enough for the week.

4. Do they really need to warn us about The Gap so many times? It probably wouldn't have even been an issue if they hadn't mention it, but now I'm a little paranoid that I'll suddenly fall into it.

5. Distances look a lot smaller on the map - and it is a rather long distance from Buckingham Palace to London Bridge.

6. Considering that they wrote a song about London Bridge, it's really quite boring.

7. They should have written a song about Tower Bridge instead.

Not London Bridge. Not falling down either.
8. Everything feels so familiar, since I've read so many stories about London throughout my life. Being here in the flesh is just surreal.

9. The night bus is awesome and convenient. I also understand where JK Rowling got the inspiration for the crazy driving.

10. 24 hours is not nearly enough time to take it all in - I'll have to come back for a few days next week... :)

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