Thursday 30 June 2016

The Unexpected Journey continues...

So, this afternoon, I am back on the road again, both figuratively and actually.

When I spoke at the ALIA National Conference in 2014, my paper was titled "The road goes ever on and on: a Librarian's Unexpected Journey." I never expected that my choice to become a librarian would take me to Darwin, let alone PNG, Vietnam, and the Balkans. I honestly don't know what will come next, but I'm comfortable with that now...

I'm also heading to Belgrade for a few days. From Pristina, it's a problematic journey, as I need to enter Serbia via one of its official border crossings, which means travelling two hours in the opposite direction (i.e. South) and then catching another bus from Skopje, Macedonia, which will then take me North the long way around. But I'm looking forward to spending some relaxing time floating on the Danube River and visiting the fortress in Novi Sad.

If you're keen to keep following my adventures, feel free to check out my instagram account where I'll try to take photos of pretty things and places along the way.

Otherwise, that's me checking out of BlogJune for yet another year. Who knows where I'll be, once next June comes around...

- A.

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