Saturday 4 June 2016

Volunteering at Hay...

The thing about the UK is that it's expensive. Even when I'm not in London, which is ridiculously expensive, my budget is being stretched.

And when attending a literary festival, sessions range in price from 5 to 13 pounds, which initially doesn't sound like a lot for somebody like myself who deals mostly in dollars and euros... But (a) it adds up when I want to attend a couple of dozen sessions, and (b) when I actually convert prices, I feel poor.

And so, I've one again signed up as a volunteer, which means I have to be friendly, wear a hi-vis vest, wrangle queues, check tickets, and give directions. In return, I get to see a bunch of sessions for free, 20% of book purchases, and 3 hot meals a day - which pretty much accounts for all my expenses other than travel and accommodation. And I still get plenty of time to wander around and appreciate the town.

It's a pretty good deal, actually.

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