Thursday 23 June 2016

Too busy to blog...

So, after 19 days of daily posts, I've gone and blown my run, and missed three days in a row.

After having nothing to do last Saturday, the last four days have been busy non-stop, mostly with work. Whilst I can't really blog about work, much of it involved working closely with a visitor from another office who was both (a) an information management professional and (b) an Australian.

When you work in a diverse workplace such as mine, it's amazing the kind of rapport you instantly develop with somebody who is on the same wavelength, both professionally, and "culturally". And it's interesting - after two years of negotiating cross-cultural barriers, I think I've become somewhat attuned to being culturally sensitive and professionally adaptable. So, when I have the opportunity to basically "be myself", it makes such a huge difference. It's been a breath of fresh air, and a nice productive end to my time working for this organisation.

And so, my final week begins...

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